Muzik, Non-Stop

New London's Burning (2006) mp3 (2.6M)

Beyond Yer Means (2005) mp3 (2.6M)

Waiting For My Fate (2003) mp3 (1.5M)

Post Teenage Lust (2003) mp3 (3.5M)

Flesh Hammer (1992) mp3 (1.6M)

Mickey In Hell (1992) mp3 (3.3M)

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Craig Gilbert of the New Haven Advocate sez. "these critters have an unshaved swamp Yankee fun-as-hell attitude that works nicely and nastily. I'd shoot guns with these guys"

Kev's neighbor sez... "Turn that shit down or I'm calling the cops!!"

"I've had sex with all of them" - Name withheld by request.

Laurin Killian: Vocals      Kev Littlefield: Bass
Bob Bourne: Guitar        Mike Magilla: Guitar

    FLESH HAMMER Copyright 2011