Flesh Hammer was formed in Niantic, CT. circa 1985. The original Flesh Hammer line up was Laurin Killian (vocals), Kevin Littlefield (bass), Steve Zen (drums), and Rob Datum (guitar).

When Rob was about to leave for college the remaining trio changed the name to Flesh Hammer after a sexploitation t-shirt. Kevin O'Connor replaced Rob and the band  released a 3 song ep, featuring the band's first take on "She Likes Sex".

Pete Nowakowski replaced Kevin on guitar. With Pete, Flesh Hammer released the 7 song "Mallet" tape in 92. On the tape were such classics as "She Likes Sex", "Flesh Hammer" and "Mickey in Hell".

Bob Bourne (aka, Guns 'n Ammo), replaced Pete in 2002.  In the winter of 2003, Flesh Hammer released the "Meat Beater" record.

In 2005, Flesh Hammer again regrouped with Adam on drums and released the 10 song Aim Low CD.   

Jim Villano joined for a brief stint in 2006, and with him, Flesh Hammer recorded New London's Burning for Towers of New London Volume 4.   

Flesh Hammer was back as a five piece, with Mike on guitar - the dual guitar onslaught.

Laurin Killian: Vocals      Kev Littlefield: Bass
Bob Bourne: Guitar        Mike Magilla: Guitar    

    FLESH HAMMER Copyright 2011